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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Hats off to a wonderful group of professionals!! Bobbie is an angel who delivered an antibiotic to my home on New Year's Day as it had been called in by my doctor after pre-holiday hours. He made my holiday more manageable with the antibiotic in my system. Thank you, thank you!"

"I decided to do business with Medicap for 2 reasons: I had problems with a large "chain" pharmacy with wrong meds filled, standing in line for long periods of time and lack of communication. By chance I ended up in Medicap and when I spoke to Bobbie, I knew it truly was a "hometown" atmosphere with quality customer services. I love the interaction with and general concern for customers. I would tell someone that Medicap cares about their customers and conduct themselves as true professionals CONSISTENTLY!"

"I initially tried Medicap because it was close to home. After a few years I moved to the other side of town and passed 20 drug stores to come back to Medicap! Bobbie and his team provide excellent personal service. Everyone is very knowledgeable and will follow up with the doctor if there is an issue. If it looks like there will be a delay on a refill they will call you to discuss it and prevent you from wasting a trip! I really appreciate that kind of follow up! That is just one example of how the staff at Medicap goes the extra mile for customers. On several occasions they have secured rebates or discounts from the drug company that I was unaware of, saving me dollars! The biggest difference for me is the level of service and the fact that they do their job very well! They are not a chain store that sells patio furniture, Christmas decor, etc. They perform their function very well and have enough staff to keep you from having long wait times and eliminates the need for customers having to beg for attention! I give Bobbie and his staff an A++."

"I wanted a pharmacy like the “old school” where you got very personal service and are known to the pharmacists. Medicap Pharmacy is that and more – they are very knowledgeable in nutrition and wellness, as well as in pharmaceuticals. They are also one of very few compounding pharmacies. Have been using them for years, and will continue to do so."

""Bobbie has been my pharmacist for the past 20 years. He is the consummate professional and is always available to answer any questions. He knows my medication protocol and lets me know if any interactions could occur. Unlike large chains, Bobbie cares and knows about each customer. I feel that Bobbie is my personal pharmacist like many cities used to have. If you want to be treated special, Bobbie and his staff will go above and beyond to take care of your pharmacy needs. I can’t image going anywhere else. "

"The superlatives in my dictionary are inadequate to describe the expertise of Bobbie Barbrey and the staff at Medicap Pharmacy. Here are three that attempt to qualify the support they have provided me and my family over the last two years: Trustworthy. I trust their compounded medicines as well as their carefully selected OTC products. I trust their personalized advice as they listen to my questions and respond succinctly and empathically. My physician trusts them, also. After all, it was she who recommended them to me. Friendly. They know me even though I visit only once a month. Everyone who enters Medicap receives a greeting and a genuine inquiry about their progress. Efficient. Since they value their clients' health and time, they provide prompt and courteous service. Medicap's processes and procedures are organized and audited to support all their values. Thanks for all you to do help me!"

"It is a real pharmacy without all the aisles of stuff – because of that they know who their customers are and what type of condition they have. The nutritional counseling and supplements and concerns of health for the whole body puts them well above any other pharmacy."

"Sometimes life is about unexpected surprises! I inadvertently found Medicap a few years ago after moving from Tampa, Florida. In a rush and needing to find a pharmacy fast, Medicap showed up on my GPS. When arriving at this uniquely named local business, everyone cheerfully greet me by voice and smiles. It was definitely different from my past experience with national chains. The staff seemed to enjoy their jobs and even delighted in offering preventive care versus more prescriptions! Moreover, I would always prefer to support a local business that not only provides excellent “above and beyond” service, but is also active in the community and a leader in healthy living!"

You can help Medicap Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Facebook - thank you!