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Many people want to see positive differences in their health but they don't know where to start. Instead, they end up doing the same things hoping that their health will somehow improve. Change is not easy, but it is easier when you have a plan and a guide. Individualized consultations allow us to better support and help you to improve your health. We are not physicians and do not diagnose or treat medical conditions.

The consultations are conducted by Bobbie Barbrey. Bobbie and his wife, Lauren, spend over 20 days annually attending conferences all over the US and Canada, learning the best ways to assist their patients in getting healthier. They have attended presentations by the best minds in alternative health at these conferences. In addition, they participate in countless hours of webinar training and periodical reviews. The goal is always to determine the foundational imbalance and work to resolve that. Rarely is the primary symptom the source of your problem.

Bobbie uses energetic assessment as a primary strategy to determine where your imbalances are. The BioMeridian is a non-invasive tools that help assess where possible stressors are. His training and clinical experience guides him in helping you to reduce these imbalances. He will customize a plan for you which, when followed, will lead to positive health differences. He may go over your current eating patterns with you and make suggestions for healthier choices. Using saliva or blood spot tests we can test hormones, thyroid, cholesterol, and vitamin D levels and more. Schedule a one-on-one appointment today!

What is BioMeridian?

The BioMeridian in an electrodermal screening device based on traditional Chinese medicine. It is a combination of state of the art technology and proven medical science to create a safe, non-invasive, and painless assessment tool to measure the electrical energy of the body’s organ systems.

Upon completion of the assessment, it outputs a graph of fourteen of the major systems of your body to give an indication as to how well that system is functioning.

Many times it will indicate an area of stress not previously suspected or addressed. By having this customized report the patient is able to address the real issue and often makes dramatic health improvements when following the recommendations.

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What benefit will I see from doing a BioMeridian scan?

Because the BioMeridian scan identifies the systems that are energetically stressed, it will help your healthcare practitioner identify the optimal nutritional protocol, customized to your specific needs, that your body needs to get back in balance. The end result is a more efficient program for your journey to better health.

Many people take supplements that worked for a friend, or that they read about in a magazine or saw on TV. They expected to feel better but they don't. Patients often say even high quality supplements make them feel worse instead of better. With the Biomeridian we can identify supplements and remedies that will bring you into balance.

Can the technology be used to treat or diagnose?

No. The BioMeridian is not designed to treat or diagnose. It is designed to assist the healthcare practitioner in finding the body’s preference for any list of items.

How does this differ from going to a doctor?

A BioMeridian evaluation is not a replacement for your regular checkups by a physician. Although we do not diagnose or treat disease, we can help identify the nutritional and botanical support that would give the body what it needs to be healthy. Our bodies are designed to heal but they need the raw materials, the nutrients, in order to do that.

Our bodies are exposed to more toxins and stressors than at any other time in history. There is pollution in the air, our foods have a fraction of the vitamins and minerals that they had even fifty years ago, we are bombarded by EMFs,and most people have complicated personal and family schedules that leave little room for down time, relaxation and quality sleep. It’s no wonder so many people are experiencing health issues! Using these technologies, we can identify which areas of the body are experiencing stress, and what nutritional support would help alleviate that stress.

To schedule a consult please call 919-676-6161.

A portion of the consult fee will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation.

After completing a consult, you will receive a 10% discount to be used towards nutritional supplements at Medicap.

Please print out and fill out these forms and bring them with you to your appointment: